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Managing Diabetes and Gastroparesis: Key Dietary Considerations

For people living with both diabetes and gastroparesis, managing their diet can be a tricky balancing act. While a high-fiber diet is typically recommended for people with diabetes, a low-fiber diet is often recommended for those with gastroparesis. So, how can you manage both conditions effectively? In this blog post,…

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Dietary Fiber 101

What is Fiber: Fiber is a non-digestible carbohydrate. Unlike other carbohydrates (such as starches and sugars), fiber is not broken down/digested/absorbed in the upper GI tract (small intestine). We humans lack the enzymes to digest fiber, but the microbes living in our colon do! So when fiber reaches the colon…

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Gastroparesis Nutrition Strategies

Most of what we recommend when it comes to gastroparesis nutrition therapy is based on what we know about human physiology and how the stomach normally works and empties. Gastroparesis is a chronic condition characterized by improper functioning of the muscles of the digestive tract, causing delayed stomach emptying and…

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