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Athlete Wins and Testimonials:

A white woman riding her bike on the road. She has a bright neon long sleeve shirt and black pants.

“Working with Emily has been really helpful. We have talked a lot about how to manage my high hormone symptoms in my cycle as it relates to high performance athletics and competition. Through diet, we can manage more of my symptoms which has been invaluable. Emily also helped me work on my high carb fueling plan by understanding the different types of carbohydrates and how to best maximize what my body can absorb while racing. I would definitely recommend Emily to family and friends as someone to trust for diet and nutrition advice for athletes of a variety of skill sets. I may be a professional athlete, but what I appreciate about Emily is that I can trust her recommendations are rooted in science and not trendy fads that pose risk to my long term health.”

– Paige Onweller

A white woman on a purple bike at race. She is wearing a black cycling kit.

“Emily has significantly helped me with my training and race nutrition while balancing Crohn’s. I’ve learned about timing and nutritional needs that have set me up for great performances. She made recommendations to the quantity and quality of foods I was having in the morning before training. It has assisted me with proper fueling and keeping my blood sugar levels stable. Additionally she looked at blood work in relation to Crohn’s and performance to determine if other nutritional changes were needed. Emily is also very knowledgeable about on the bike nutrition and adjusted my plan to include a higher amount of carbohydrate while avoiding GI distress. She is very personable and addressed my questions and concerns at each meeting. I’d highly recommend consulting with Emily to meet your athletic goals!”

– Morgan Chaffin

A white man running, crossing the finish line at a race with the time above him. He is wearing black shorts and a yellow shirt.

“Now that my spring marathon is behind me, I would like to take a moment to thank Emily Haller for helping to make it a very successful one! In my previous marathons, I would undoubtedly hit that dreaded “Wall” late in each race. No matter how much training I did, the result would be the same. Something was missing! Then in February, a friend questioned my training and race day nutrition, as that might be ‘that missing element’. In the search for a registered dietitian nutritionist, Emily was highly recommended, as she herself is an endurance athlete familiar with the requirements of rigorous training. I am a 63-year-old runner and, at the time, was on a strict diet which excluded many food groups. She created a nutritional program specifically tailored to me with my food restrictions in mind. She recommended a variety of foods to attain her prescribed levels for my daily protein, carbohydrate, and liquid intake. After only a few weeks, it felt as if my energy level had increased. We also discussed my diet for race day and the days leading up to it. Emily had me experiment with different nutritional scenarios that I would use during the marathon. As race day approached, I was feeling good and had the confidence that Emily had provided me with ‘that missing element’ for a successful race…AND SHE DID! Thank you, Emily Haller, for helping me reach a life goal and being a part of my Boston Marathon Qualifying experience!”

– Craig A. Theros

A white man in a blue triathlon kit standing in front of his triathlon bike at a race.

“I came to Emily seeking her advice on enhancing my overall approach to nutrition and healthy eating, as well as improving my approach to nutrition during triathlon training activities and on race-day. As an endurance athlete herself, I sought out Emily for both her expertise as an RD, but also because she understands the nuances and idiosyncrasies of endurance athletes and their training needs.  Over the last year or so, I felt like my energy levels on a daily basis as well as in my workouts and events were not where I wanted them to be and I wanted help assessing my nutrition as a potential contributor.
Working with Emily has really been a great experience and has provided me with everything that I was looking for:  in my daily eating, she helped me identify options for healthy snacks and non-meat proteins to help diversify my menu and we modified my eating cadence, both of which helped improve my energy levels through the day and balance the volume of food across meals.  For my nutrition during training and events, we focused on getting the right amount of carbs to fuel both the intensity and duration of my workouts/events.  This has really helped me dial in the type and quantity of nutrition to take in, and has given me more energy and improved my performance during these activities.  A surprising result has also been feeling fresher and recovering more quickly post-activity!
Regardless of your level of activity or competitiveness, Emily definitely has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals–with the added bonus of being a fun, positive, and supportive person…I can’t recommend Emily more highly!”

– Duane N.

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