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Four-fruit Chocolate Smoothie


 It is really starting to feel like spring here in Michigan! Yayy!! Warmer weather + longer days means more time for fun outdoor activities and training. Goodbye treadmill and trainer, we will be seeing much less of each other.  [ I really shouldn’t complain too much about this year’s winter weather as it […]

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Low FODMAP Quinoa Tabbouleh


 Since starting to teach the low FODMAP diet I am frequently thinking of new ways to convert some of my patient’s favorite meals/recipes into low FODMAP alternatives. The inspiration to create this Low FODMAP Quinoa Tabbouleh came from my recent experience working with several patients who described Tabbouleh, (tabouleh or […]

Fitness, Health

2015 Skyline Triathlon – Race Recap


  Sunday {May 17th 2015}, I completed the Skyline Sprint Triathlon, or Sky Tri, put on by EPIC races. The race was a 400 meter pool swim, a 12.4 mile bike, and a 5K run. This was my first triathlon so I was very excited and a little (okaaay, maybe more than […]


Healthy Office Snacks


 Most people spend 8 to 9 hours at work so having a healthy snack or two during the workday provides the opportunity to increase energy, improve focus, and enhance productivity. Having healthy options available will decrease trips to the vending machine or cafeteria, which can save money and help you […]